I believe

Consciousness expands in synch with our outer universe. Our existence has a purpose. Because lack of purpose leaves us empty and jaded, calcifying our compassion and the very reason we came into this existence. Cooperation and co-creation……

I know

Since the dawn of human's agricultural civilization, astrology has been written and used as a tool. At the pinnacle of the Sumarians, the Egyptians, and the Mayans: astrology utilized the cyclic nature of our orbit and the seasons to plot the course of prosperity and wellbeing in one's life. …

Tulafae's work is the integration of modern neruopsychology and transpersonal psychology with thousands of years worth of anecdotal evidence and research.


Pritika Yamamoto, Founder

João Solakoglu, Founder

Katarzyna Astatke, Instructor

Ólafur Ohayon, Instructor

Adeola Baldessari, Instructor