February 11th, 11:11 am Pacific

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One of the many ways Astrology can be explained:

A tool to live a conscious, elemental, & sensual life.


As the planets move through transits and aspect your personal chart, the elements that make up our existence are stimulated. The process happen on an internal and external level. Collectively, we are experiencing the stimulation and awakening of the Earth element through 2020.

It is a time of being organized, weeding out all that is harmful and unnecessary. A time of building foundations that will stabilize over a lifetime and over the generations. A time everyone is evaluating the material needs and desires. The needs of health and wellness will be heightened. The need for connection will deepen in yearning. The bounty of the Earth element is immense. I could speak on it for hours.

However, I will do a short and simple free introduction of the connection of this time of Earth predominating element that Astrology is unveiling. Working with Earth herself - the plant kingdom - will aid in the integration and support for easy and conscious transits. More steady in action rather than reactive.

What You Will Learn in 30 minutes

  • The Connection with Plants and Planets in Astrological Transits

  • The most powerful way to work with herbs for your health and well being

  • How the body, health, and mind are affected by the Astrological transits

So if this seems to be of interest to you - don’t hesitate to sign up. There is nothing to lose.

Below is a video I made a year ago (wow I have come so far!) that gives a little more insight.

Whatever you choose, enjoy yourself and stay blessed.

  • TulaFae