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Who is Lilith and how does her energy show herself in each individual?

  • Lilith is an archetypal persona. Her background is in Abrahamic religion, known as Adam’s first wife.

  • She personifies and explains the deepest depths of one’s power and genius. Allowing one to be wild, authentic, and charged with the life force, sexual energy.

  • Cultivating a relationship with Lilith brings forth one’s distinct and potent purpose.

The video below is a conversation that dives into the depths and history of Lilith.


Seek to know more on how the energy of Lilith specifically moves through your being and psyche?

Then a personal, one on one consultation, is recommended for you

Uncovering your greatest genius and your untapped potential.

Learn how Lilith affects and manifests specifically for you.

Dark Moon, Dark Wisdom

Seek the essence of your inherent feminine power, detailed in your natal chart.


  • Diminishing self-sabotaging patterns, thus releasing what is holding you back.

  • Releasing behaviors passed down to you and taught to you, so you can uncover your most authentic self.

  • Understanding what nourishes your genius to unleash your greatest creative potential.

This 30 minute reading uncovers patterns of behavior, power struggles, and mismanagement of power.

Ideal for those, regardless of gender, to seek hidden strengths and tools to rise above and succeed with integrity and authenticity.

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