The Astronomical Entreprenuer


The Astronomical Entreprenuer

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Hello Entrepreneur. Congratulations on liberating yourself by providing service and wisdom that blooms from the authenticity of your heart. Your dedication is evident in your daily life. Maybe, work life and your own life have become inseparable. That is okay, this consultation is suited specifically for you and your work with the intention to raise you into an Astronomical Entrepreneur.

What is an Astronomical Entrepreneur?

An Astronomical Entrepreneur realizes their connection beyond the individual. Perceptive of energetic fluctuation within their own life. Connected in mind, body, and service to themselves, their work, and their community. Through this dedication, the Astronomical Entrepreneur aligns their well being with their work. Knowing that their is a rhythm to all things great and small in life.

Astrology is a tool that can be used in conjunction with your vision and mission.

Astrology gives perspective on the complicated aspects of our life. Astrology can help you understand your needs and how to make room for those needs along the path of achieving your goals.

Astrology can help explain where and why you are stuck in situations including but not limited to wellness, clients, business partner, love, and fiances. Astrology can be used to make investments or a vacation or to change the trajectory of our life.

Finally, plant medicine via essential oils help your physical body integrate the transits. Resulting in more enjoyment in life and business by understanding there is a time and place for all processes - and when that time is here.

There is no obligation or expectation to purchase essential oils.

What you will receive in this session

  • A one-on-one 90 minute consultation catered to your goals as an entrepreneur. That program you are launching? The types of clients and collaborations you are calling in? Let’s talk about the momentum surrounding it that is a win for your mind, body, and business.

  • A custom pdf detailing essential oil remedies and my notes from our session together.

  • A custom calendar, sent to your inbox within 5 business days. Syncing in this calendar will help with keeping on track and following through with what we discussed during your session.

  • The recording privately uploaded to YouTube, sent to your inbox within 5 business days. Often clients receive new information when reviewing the recording after some time has passed. The recording will be up for 100 days after our session is complete.

Understand this session commences with the intention that the information provided to you will serve your transformation into an Astronomical Entrepreneur. Bring water to integrate the healing information and insights you will receive. Even though there will be a recording sent for your sessions, a pen and paper to take notes is highly recommended.

If choosing the PDF only version; scheduling a time for when you would like it received in your inbox. The PDF and calendar will be sent right to your inbox. Please allow 3 business days of time for it to be completed.

See you soon.


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